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As the owner of Sciortino Tailors, Vincent Sciortino leverages the skill taught to him by his parents and continues the Sciortino heritage in his Red Bank, New Jersey store. His parents, Alfonso and Maria Sciortino, started out as tailors in the town of Sciacca, Sicily and later owned a tailoring shop on Via Valdossola in Rome. The Sciortino, U.S. based operations began when Alfonso and Maria moved to Brooklyn from Italy in December of 1961 and opened a shop on 15th Ave. Subsequent to this entrepreneurial start, Alfonso was called in to run the tailoring department at Bergdorf Goodman's in New York City. Yearning to be on his own, he opened a shop on 57th St. in Manhattan. Alfonso become well known within the celebrity circles and was sought after for custom suits by movie stars and celebrities such as Harrison Ford, Mike Tyson, Elton John, Tony Bennett, and Ron Howard. Anthony Hopkins wore a Sciortino design on the night he received his Academy Award for Silence of the Lambs.

Vincent's client base ranges from walk-ins looking for their first custom suit to A-list celebrities and CEOs of fortune 500 companies. His main focus lies in bespoke clothing which are his custom suits made to precise specifications. Vincent himself, or one of his trusted tailors, will help clients choose fabrics and plan out the look of the custom piece. After all of the fabrics are chosen, multiple measurements are taken. The measurements occur in two stages. First, the initial fitting takes place, followed by a final fitting a few weeks later to ensure that the custom suits are made to the exact measurements of each client. Vincent makes sure that these suits, made of the finest quality fabrics, look great as the client walks out of the shop. 

Vincent's shop carries multiple brands of custom fabrics and offers custom shirts, jackets, pants, coats, and casual wear. Sciortino Tailors also carries private label suits, shirts, and ties as well as top quality shoes hand-made in England. Vincent holds a very high standard for the quality and craftsmanship of all the products and services offered in his shop. He combines his years of knowledge and skill in the art of bespoke clothing and an eye for modern style to create luxurious pieces that clients are proud to wear. 

Any client that walks in the door, requests house calls, or in-office appointments, can rest assured that Vincent Sciortino uses the finest quality custom fabrics and equipment with attention to that person's personality and taste in style. Whether it is for your wedding or a new job, you should have bespoke clothing made by Sciortino Tailors because you can expect an incredible fit and luxurious detailing made to your specifications. There is no substitute to the care and expertise offered by Vincent and his experienced tailors. Contact Sciortino Tailors today to make an appointment or ask about our products and services. 

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